Could your confidence do with a boost?

 According to the dictionary (or Wiki) confidence means – con – with – fid – faith

 It’s the state of feeling certain about the truth of something

Having an unshakeable belief in

Having trust in

 I was talking with someone the other day whose business is words – he’s an English Teacher

He teaches English to foreign students

These students’ needs are very diverse

From a foreign business man who has a very high powered position but needed to take meetings every day in the UK to a graduate who needs a CV updated or some help with what to say at the interview.

 And we were talking about how when you’re an expert in your subject and speaking in your mother tongue the thinking about what you’re saying takes on a totally different aspect to when you’re attempting to convey ideas in  a different language.

 If like me you have schoolgirl (or boy) French for instance and you’re in France, just asking in a restaurant or store for something becomes a little uncomfortable if we’re not sure of what we’re saying.  And of course this hesitancy comes across and we feel even worse.  Judged, inferior perhaps – definitely not comfortable

 So imagine how much worse it would be if you were speaking to a group of your peers and English was not your first language.

 Doesn’t matter how well you know your subject, that hesitancy is bound to come across and you end up feeling insecure.  A feeling, if you’re usually a confident business person, will be totally alien to you.

 And it’s not just in this case, is it?

 Anytime we come out of our comfort zone (let’s face it, it’s called the ‘comfort zone’ for a reason!) we become uncomfortable and less sure of ourselves.

 And that’s the bottom line really isn’t it?

 If we have an inner core of belief about our abilities, our knowledge, we would feel secure and totally able to proceed all the time

 We’d have the confidence

And that’s where it comes from – within

It has to start inside us

With the belief – that core of inner truth that says we know our stuff; we are comfortable in what we’re doing, what we’re saying, who we are being.

 And if you don’t have that core of inner strength – you will continue to falter  – never quite getting your desired outcomes, getting the level of business, the relationship, the customers, the weight loss and good health that you desire

No matter how hard you try if you don’t have that inner belief you will never get where you want to go ; you’ll always have to put up with second best

 I’ve been doing this for a long time

Showing people how they can build that inner core of belief, that inner strength that means you’re a winner

 And it’s all very well to ‘google’ stuff on the net, I do it all the time but there are times when you just need that little extra ; that ‘oomph’; what else shall we call it ? the ‘je ne sais quoi’

When someone who has been there, done it, can just help

 Doing it on your own is all very well but why struggle when you can do it easily

When you’ll have practical tools which will help you for the rest of your life

Easy things to do that will become part of your routine, like cleaning your teeth.

Simple, easy, and very effective

 Whatever you want out of your lifeWhatever it is you want to achieve

If you don’t have that inner confidence, that inner core of belief in yourself and your abilities you will stumble and fall and probably give up the dream

However once you have that inner core of trust in who you are you can become unstoppable

And you’ll have someone guiding you and helping you along the way

 Contact me today

 We’re already one quarter of the way through the year…

Don’t let another nine months go without doing what you need to do to move your life forward

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