5 Secrets To Stop Procrastination and Start Living

Have you started saying to people “blimey where did the year go”?

As soon as it hits November, the evenings are longer and the weather is chillier and we’re on the countdown to Christmas.

And then the realisation hits you that you had all these great ideas and goals for what you were going to accomplish this year and you didn’t achieve all of them.  Or some of them, or worse of all – even, any of them?

So how do you stop it?  How do you stop putting off until tomorrow, and then suddenly there are no more tomorrows – there’s a scary thought

The answer is very simply-live for today

You have to wake up each morning and behave as if it’s your last and then when it isn’t be very grateful for another day.

But you have to take ACTION.   And that can be the hardest thing

Oh you’ve got great intentions – but intentions my friend don’t pay the bills, get you more business, help you lose those extra pounds,  get you to the gym, make you healthier,  – whatever it is you just got to get on and DO IT

So how do you “Just Do It”?

Well you start by changing your mind set.   They say that we think about worries millions of times a day; if you start by saying positive things every single day; repeat one mantra over and over in your mind – Like “today I am going to (quit smoking; go to the gym; eat healthier; make those calls) – whatever it is; say it once, twice, over and over and over, until it becomes your thought and start again the next day.

Do it like you clean your teeth, let it become a habit – Habits are easy to change; you’ve just got to be willing.  And you can’t think of two opposing thoughts at the same time.  The mind’s job is to protect you, keep you safe and secure and whatever it is could be ‘new, scary’.  So the mind say’s no stay safe, keep to your old ways, it’s easier …… blah blah blah – and another year has gone and nothing has changed!!

You can’t smile and frown at the same time.  So you’re now trying it!   And you know I’m right!


Let’s continue

So day 1 it’s a conscious decision to change those thoughts – keep doing them day after day after day and they will become your habits

Some things might be scary but often it’s the worry about the unknown that is far worse that the actuality.  Trust me I know that – Last weekend I did something called the ‘Arrow breaking challenge’  (check it out )  the idea is to break an arrow which is placed against the soft part of your throat!  It’s all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.    I was terrified and really did not want to do it.  However I suddenly thought, actually I don’t know what I thought, in fact I didn’t even think I JUST DID IT.  It was so frickin easy!!!! Other people round me found it painful, said they concentrated on this, that and the other – Me I just did it; no pain, no red mark, just sheer exhilaration.  I did it

And it was an incredible lesson – that the fear of doing something can so outweigh the actuality.

And what you’re fearing is probably no way as scary as having an arrow placed against your throat!!

The words you need to say are always in the present tense.

Always “I am” or “I have” – not I will be or I will have.  Because the Universe does not understand that and what you want will always be just that bit out of reach.

It is an absolute fact that what we put out there is what we get.  If you put negative thoughts out (ie your worries, fears,) that’s what you’ll  get back.  If you put out that you believe that only good comes to you it will.  This in turn will make doing what you need to do easier.  What you focus on expands.  Focus on debt, you’ll get more.  Focus on abundance you’ll get more.

Henry Ford said “if you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t you can’t.  Either way you’re right.

And that’s so true.  Ever heard of the expression “self fulfilling prophesy”.  Yup  that’s it.

The only way to be the best you can be is By being the best you can be!!!

Simple isn’t it?

And if you’re answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ then contact me and I’ll help you









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