Me Time – the inside job

sunshine3What does that mean?

Well it’s all about loving yourself

Having the most amazing joy for life that radiates out from you so that everyone that comes into contact with you sees it, feels it, is drawn to you which means your life is radiant in so many ways. 

Your relationships improve, your work, career and money situation improves, your health improves, your weigh stabilizes   Every day is a true blessing   And the more you feel like this  the more grateful you are for all this overflowing abundance, the better your life will become.

So does that sound possible?

Does it sound like this could happen in your life?

Or maybe you think this is nonsense. Far too “woo woo” and totally so far from your reality that you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Well let me tell you these ideas, this ‘magic formula ‘ is not only possible but it is happening to thousands of people all over the world

In fact let me correct that.   It’s not ‘happening to ‘ them they are creating this in their lives

And let me tell you something else I’m creating it too so I know it works and I want to share the ‘secret ‘ with you.

It’s so simple you’ll keel over with laughter.

Well that’s a good thing to begin with because laughter is part of it.

Joy, laughter, fun are all part of it And if you can’t see how you could possibly feel these things when you’re life is so bluch, so yuch,  Oh boy are you in for a surprise

How can I explain this without upsetting you

Without you stopping reading and never finding out.

But the truth is I want to shake you up.

I want you to see what the truth is.

I want you out of  your comfort zone


Not tomorrow

Right Now

Because my friend, my Very dear reader Life really is far too short not to do what makes your heart sing

Truly Thoughts create emotions And if you ‘allow’ your thoughts (and therefore your emotions) to rule you, life will not be good (unless you have great awesome life enhancing joyful thoughts of course) and I’m guessing you don’t

Well not always

So I’m going to tell you how  to have that amazing joyful life where every day is a pleasure, a joy

Change your thoughts

That’s it

And How do you that?

Firstly you begin by loving yourself

Telling yourself each and every day how wonderful you are, how you love and accept yourself And the first thing you do every morning, every single morning before that alarm goes off or when it goes off you say out loud. “Today is a wonderful day I Choose to make it so

You are Choosing this.  Do you know how powerful that is?

You’re starting your day by telling the universe that no matter what it throws at you, you will have a great day

Remembers it’s not the situation it’s how you deal with it

No one, not even me says that life is perfect but you have the choice, to make it good or bad.

You can choose life or death   And that’s a fact my friend.

You choose to feel good no matter what is thrown at you

It’s just ‘stuff ‘ and it will blow over.  It always does

Bad times go just as quickly as good ones.

But you choosing to make the bad times better with your attitude can make a whole world of difference to how you feel.

And to the outcome as well

Choosing good thoughts will make you feel good

And choosing them every day is a habit like brushing your teeth that you have to do every day.

Saying today is a wonderful way every single day will change your life

Being grateful at the end of the day before you go to sleep, thanking the Universe for your great day.

Find two or three things that happened each day if it’s finding a parking space or having put in your report on time or smiling at someone or someone smiling at you.   Sharing a joke, a cup of coffee or dinner with loved ones.   Feeling healthy.   Having a great lunch.  Seeing the sun shine, feeling its warmth on your face.  Whatever it is.  Be grateful and more will come into your life.

Set up your day for good stuff

Leave the black clouds to the rain gods

Find goodness and fun in everything you do

And watch your world change

I wish you all a wonderful, joyous and fruitful day

Be healthy be happy and know that your Me Time really is an inside job

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