What is this Thing Called Me Time?

life is short_


International Me Time Day last Friday was wonderful   it was a great success

We had fun we had champagne, chocolates, strawberries, a delicious lunch, spa treatments.

We swam, used the Jacuzzi, the steam room the sauna    We talked and laughed and the most important thing was people learned about ME Time. What it really means.

About be ing, Stopping the mind chatter.

Being still and just listening   Valuable lessons were learned.


I learned from the attendees too.

I learned that no matter what you do sometimes you just can’t please everyone.

I learned that no matter what questions someone asks if they believe they already know the answer they won’t hear what you’re saying

I learned that some people are never happy and I learned that no matter what someone says if they’re not ready they will not get what you’re sharing.


If you’re not ready no matter how many radio shows you listen to, no matter how many courses you go on, no matter how many self help books you read your life won’t change You have to be willing to take the action and if the action is simply sitting and listening to your heart you have to be prepared to do it


If the action is learning about giving up control you have to be prepared to do it

If the action means taking no action you have to be willing to take no action

If the action means letting the universe show you the way you have to be willing to allow it


Because it is the only way

Because shelf development doesn’t get you very far

Loving yourself means putting it into practice


Me time means time for me

Me time means allowing

Me time means letting go of the rubbish

Me time means letting go of the story


The story that has been holding you back for years

The story that has kept you a victim

The story that has kept you in a toxic relationship

The story that has kept you overweight

The story that has kept you smoking

The story that is giving you bad health

The story that has kept you in a job you hate

The story that has kept you living paycheque to pay check

The story that has kept you feeling inferior feeling less than

The story that says you don’t deserve


That you don’t deserve a wonderful romantic relationship with a great partner who  loves and supports you

That you don’t deserve to be in good health to have a happy body with energy

That you don’t deserve wealth and abundance

That you don’t deserve a wonderful fulfilling career

That you don’t deserve love in any form or shape


Me time is the end of the story and the beginning of a new life

Me time is the  end of victim mode

Me time is the end of toxicity


Toxic relationships

toxic work environments

Toxic life


Me time is an end to allowing others to say what you should be doing

what you should be saying

how you should be living your life


No no no no no no no


Me time is all about you, your time –  but you have to give up the stuff


You have to give up the story and be able to say enough is enough

I’m not living my life like this anymore

I am not living in toxicity I’m moving out

I’m leaving my baggage and moving on


To love to light to freedom to a place where I’m the master of my own destiny

where what I say goes

where I can be whomever I want to be without hindrance

Where there is no one to tell you you’re too fat you’re too young you’re too old you’re too young you’re not bright enough you’re not clever enough you’re not pretty enough you’re just not enough

Well my dear you are more than enough.

You are plenty.

You’re beautiful you’re awesome you have unlimited potential and inside of you is this Fire this dream this desire and all you need do is allow it to happen


How exciting is that?

How freeing is that thought?

How amazing that all you have to do is just let go

Just allow, just, as the Beatles said, let it be


So even though International Me Time Day was last week it can’t stop you getting your own your very own Mastery discovery session with me.

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life is short_

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