ME TIME – Give yourself the Gift of Life

I was bullied at school
Never felt good enough
Settled for 2nd best
Most of my life
Wasted so much of my life
Woke up one day and said e- nuff
Stopped being a victim
Took back my power


Now bloody passionate about helping others not waste their Lives

And you know what when you do that
Oh boy how things change
I found out how loving yourself
Respecting yourself
Brings light and love into your life
How giving yourself the gift of Me Time can transform your circumstances
How giving up your story brings miracles into your life

But you’ve got to be willing
You can’t just wish and hope
Do ‘affirmations’
And not take action

But you can’t rush around either like a headless chicken

You have to take inspired action

And how do you know it’s ‘inspired’?

You listen to your heart
Not to the noise that comes from outside

The universe is like a satnav
If you put out where you want to go but don’t follow the directions you’ll get lost frustrated life becomes one long struggle
But if you put out your destination and stop and listen and follow the directions you’ll arrive calm and happy and safe It might not be exactly what you expected it might not be exactly where you thought you’d end up but it will be Exactly the right place for you
That’s the joy of it
The miracle of listening
Stuff just happens
But you have to be guided
And listen
If the satnav says turn left and you think you know better and turn right
You’ll miss out on the good stuff
What’s the point of having a satnav and not taking any notice when it tells you where to go
The universe is the same
You might end up with your goal but it could often be a torturous route
Why not give up the control
It’s so much easier
But then lots of people prefer struggle to ease don’t they?
Ask yourself are you one of them?
Giving up control and letting the universe guide you leaves you free to just ‘drive’
Leaves you free to enjoy the journey
Leaves you free to enjoy the adventure
Leaves you free to enjoy the scenery
And the fun thing is you don’t know where you might end up
And that’s exciting
But you have to be willing
To give up the control
To not always be right
That’s scary
Give up the control
Letting the universe guide you
Doing what feels right
Rather than what other people expect of you
It is scary
But it’s So worth it

You have to take the first step
I wish I’d had someone like me to guide me
Hold my hand
Be there for me right at the beginning
Because I wouldn’t have had to work most of it myself
Latterly I’ve had some guidance
Had someone who believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself
Boy that’s so important
When you feel it’s easier to stop
To go back
To stay in that bloody comfort zone

If you’re struggling
And don’t know where to turn
You’re putting it out there and nothing’s happening

I’ve been there I’ve done it
And I’m offering you a Mastery Discovery where you can find out all you need to go the next step
Finally get out of that comfort zone
Be brave
It’s worth it

Life is too short not to do what makes your heart sing

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