You’ve possibly heard of  EFT, or maybe you’ve heard it called Tapping, what about NLP, Hypnosis,

They are all in fact quick and very effective ways of helping you change your thinking, your behaviour.  When we have our initial conversation I can certainly explain in more detail how the processes are used and how they work.

But for now get a better idea by going to the individual pages

Emotional Freedom Technique

Acupuncture without the needles.  EFT (or Tapping) releases the emotional blocks that keeps us stuck.  Very powerful (and fun) way of releasing negative beliefs and replacing them with positive empowering ones.  Read more about EFT


Neuro – the mind;  Linguistic – the words we speak –  Programming – our conditioning.   NLP is a way of changing behaviours in a subtle way through the mind, the words we use and how we’ve been conditioned.  Read more about NLP

Eriksonian Hypnosis

Milton Erikson – believed that by changing your thought patterns you can change your beliefs and outcomes. Eriksonian Hypnosis is another very effective process for changing your beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.  Read more about Eriksonian Hypnosis

Which Process is right for You?

It greatly depends on the circumstances, which I use, sometimes one, sometimes 2 or 3.   They are all very effective, and give quick results.  We’ll explore the right process/es for you at your initial taster session.