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Do you believe in Magic?

I do

It really does depend what you mean by the word though doesn’t it?

Hocus pocus .. spells … actually I do believe in those  but that’s not what I mean here now

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Where America leads does the UK follow?

 I read a fabulous article this morning by a Dr Deah all about how Americans have a ‘wait’ problem – and no that isn’t a spelling error.  she did mean ‘wait’

and as these things often do, it really got me thinking – about how we (in the UK) often suffer the same disability. Read the rest of this entry »

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My intention for the week

Looking out the window and seeing the beautiful colours of the leaves; brown and reds and a beautiful blue sky makes me realise that although I hate the cold this is such a gorgeous time of year.

And it also makes me realise how lucky I am

To be sitting here, writing this, knowing I have so much – lots of love in my life from family and friends, I live in a great house, I have a dog who is not quite as mad as she was when she was a puppy but she’s still cute and funny and keeps me company and drives me mad.

And I’m sitting here and thinking how lucky I am and that there are so many people in the world who are not so lucky

People all over the world who are hungry, or live in constant fear for their lives, those that can’t see or hear

I think sometimes we expect so much; we demand so much – especially when there is so much abundance around us – but don’t we forget?

We complain about the weather (well I do because I do hate the cold!), we complain about traffic jams, or train delays and them being too crowded or too many tourists in our cities like I did on Saturday in Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden and Leicester Square and round the Houses of Parliament where you could hardly walk on the pavements because of all the people.

Yet all these people are bringing wealth to my country, my city.  And the weather – I was sitting in Trafalar Square for well over an hour with the tourists in the very warm sunshine – and it was mid October – not July or August – and for someone who loves the warm that was so fabulous.  Sitting there watching people watching the street entertainers – it was fun.

And yesterday, buying birthday presents for my gorgeous grand-daughter who is one year old next Sunday – that was fun too

And going out to a local pub for dinner with my man in the evening – that was good

And coming back and watching a very good movie

Why am I telling you all this – because sometimes you have to realise that life is bloody good and you have got to appreciate it

So take some time today and appreciate what you have – because you know when you really appreciate what you it gives room for so much more to come in

And when you really appreciate all you have, it makes you feel so good.  And then you give that good feeling out to others and then they give it out to others.

I’m going to have a good day today

I’m going to have a great week

Whatever the weather

Whatever is thrown at me

That’s my intention for the week

What’s Yours??

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