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Wonderful Wednesday


Its Wednesday

Why it is wonderful

Just because … Read the rest of this entry »

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Choose Day

Today is the day you get to choose

Well you get to choose any day really

But Read the rest of this entry »

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Mind Set Monday

Isn’t Monday like mini New Year’s day?

52 of ‘em in fact

You get a chance every single week throughout the year to “start life anew” Read the rest of this entry »

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Personal DevelopmentDo you believe in Magic?

I do

It really does depend what you mean by the word though doesn’t it?

Hocus pocus .. spells … actually I do believe in those  but that’s not what I mean here now

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Life Lesson 101

Personal DevelopmentI read a wonderful quote today

 “Life in itself is an empty canvas; it becomes whatsoever you paint on it

You can paint misery, you can paint bliss.  This freedom is your Glory”

  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Magic of Sunshine

Personal Development

It was a most amazing day today

After weeks and weeks of bitterly cold, snow, wrapping up, hating to be outside, dark, grey, blah blech!!

Today has been a glorious day

And boy does it raise the vibration Read the rest of this entry »

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New Year New You

Personal DevelopmentNow the holidays are over; how are you doing?

Looking forward with renewed vigor and excitement to what the year holds, all those awesome possibities that the next 12 months can bring or

are you already feeling stressed, like you’ve not had a break, that you’re already on the hamster wheel

I have developed a programme which will :

Eliminate your fears and stresses

Improve your communication and relationships

Optimize your Health

Increase your Energy and Productivity

All of which means you will learn how to live each moment to its fullest

For more information how you can get on this programme before the month gets any olders

email me now at and lets set up a time to talk

You really owe it to yourself

Do it now

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Fizzy Drinks Linked to Depression

Personal DevelopmentThat was the headline in this morning’s Metro

 Well I don’t know about you but it certainly doesn’t surprise me

I’ve known that for years Read the rest of this entry »

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Magnificent Amazing Wonderful You

Personal Developmentis your first reaction to that heading – yuch?

well if it is (and even if it isn’t) this is such a wonderful time of year

full of possibilities

like the opening of a new exercise book at school

completely unsullied with all sorts of exciting things in prospect

and in  order to feel tha excitement and in order to fulfill your potential – not just this year but forever – you need a kick, a nudge, a gentle push to keep going

let’s face it – early January – Christmas over, credit card bills arriving, dark mornings, cold and/or damp weather – what is there to look forward to – and dieting and cutting back is hardly an incentive is it?

I’m offering a programme, that will get you up, started, and on the road to success and all you desire.

I’m offering a free ‘taster’

and all you have to do is contact me now

Find out more

make this the Year for you

do it now

you only regret things you don’t do


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New Year New You??

Personal DevelopmentDid you make your usual resolutions a few days ago?

Lose weight, make more money, change your job blah blah

So already bored with the diet?

Fed up with dark mornings, grey skies, nothing to look forward to until Easter break?

I believe these ‘feelings’ can be changed

Easily and Effortlessly

That you can change your external circumstances by changing what’s going on inside you

It really isn’t difficult once you know how

Let me show you how

Contact me NOW for a free ‘taster’

Make this the year you Really do make a difference in your life

Don’t wake up next January and realise another year older and nothing’s changed

a few easy steps

that’s all

once you learn them you will be able to use them forever and in every area of your life,uk

Free  ’Introduction’ to the Key to those steps are just an email away

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