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What is this Thing Called Me Time?

life is short_


International Me Time Day last Friday was wonderful   it was a great success

We had fun we had champagne, chocolates, strawberries, a delicious lunch, spa treatments. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today is Choose-Day – make the most of it

Choice is a Wonderful Thing

choice 1


I have been in situations in my life where instead of being grateful I was dissatisfied and so bit by bit life did indeed get worse   I played the victim for so many years believing the stories I told myself poor me poor me

Turn that around and I found out that life does not have to be like that

Thoughts turn into emotions and we become what we think about

By changing my thoughts and therefore my emotions I have changed my life

Being grateful every single day for all the awesome stuff in my life

The people, the love, joy, abundance, fun,  laughter

Writing my goals, my two year plan, then my ten year plan

Writing it down like it’s a dream, or a play

Seeing it in all its technicolor glory

Believing in it

And taking positive action steps every single day I see my life getting better.  I see opportunities coming to me every single day

It’s amazing

And when you first start to do  it, of course it feels ‘fake’ telling yourself every day that you feel healthy when you can hardly walk without pain, when your work life is boring but getting another job is far too much stress you’ll stay where you are,

when you’re not earning enough money so you’re getting into credit card debt

But here’s the amazing thing you keep doing these processes, every day tapping affirming and a week or so in you get an email from someone or a call, or you bump into someone and they tell you about an opportunity and you find out about that opportunity and you keep doing your daily tapping and your mantras and whatever you’ve been doing all the while going about your usual daily stuff and maybe a month down the line you find that your life really has improved on some levels so you get excited and do your affirmations and tapping and daily processes with greater zeal and then more good stuff happens and you really do believe now in the magic of the law of attraction and so you’re life gets better and  better

And at this point it is so easy to say life is good, money is flowing, life is grand, people love me, I am healthy, I can ease up


You can’t

Do not Ease UP

Because what’ll happen; one morning you won’t do your mantra, or your gratitude journal, and you’re too tired to do anything when you get to bed that night

And gradually one day turns into 2 turns into a week or two or three

And then BAM

All the good stuff dries up and you’re back to misery again

Because you have to realize that as soon as you stop doing these life enhancing affirmating processes every single day your old thoughts will start coming in and old emotions will start to leak into your brain and

Back you’ll slide.

It’s like you wouldn’t stop cleaning your teeth twice a day or showering would you?  Would you?

No of course you wouldn’t

So you Have to, You Simply Must

Carry on

Choosing to have an awesome life begins with one thought

And today is the day to start

Have a great one

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Me Time – the inside job

sunshine3What does that mean?

Well it’s all about loving yourself

Having the most amazing joy for life that radiates out from you so that everyone that comes into contact with you sees it, feels it, is drawn to you which means your life is radiant in so many ways.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Seeds of Potentiality

I was listening to something this morning and as these things often do it set my wandering on a different track.

Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m Gonna Shine

I love personal development

I love motivational speakers

I spent the weekend at an awesome seminar.

The guru in question was an Ozzie guy called Wilson Luna, somebody I’d never even heard of until Friday morning when I received an email from someone whom I not even sure I know inviting me along to his 2 day free workshop Millionaire Incubator Workshop

Wow – and again – wowowowowow …….

Read the rest of this entry »

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 What have you done today to make you feel proud ?  Heather Small sang these words –

The lyrics go on “it’s never too late to try”

 So often we believe we cannot so we don’t Read the rest of this entry »

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The Definition of Insanity

Doesn’t this weather make you feel good?
isn’t it wonderful?
but if you’re stressed, tired you’re not enjoying it to its fullest.
You see the thing is we only have this moment –
yes that’s right – only this moment –
Think about this logically
Your past – whether it was good or bad – has gone – but while it was happening it was ‘now’ Read the rest of this entry »

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O M G!!

Well Christmas is over for another year –

Thank goodness or how sad?

 No matter how you feel about it – it’s gone

And like time itself whether or not you’re enjoying it, hating it, fed up, happy, – you can’t get it back

And as come to the end of another year, do you want next year to be better –

Even if you had a great year this year – you still want next year to be better don’t you?

It’s only natural

No matter how much we have we want more

It’s the human condition

So why not come along to Breakthrough to Fabulous

A fun enlightening day which will empower you,

Give you the impetus to keep those ‘resolutions’ going

Whatever they are

To earn more money

To get a better job

To get a better relationship

To enjoy the relationship you already have

To improve your life

To give up smoking

To lose weight

To be healthier

To have more energy

To have some time for yourself

To learn how to be good to yourself

Whatever you Desire for this coming year

It’s like they say

It all begins with one step

And your step is to take the action

To come along

One day which will give you the basis for a great and wonderful year

and a Fabulous Future

And just in case you need an extra ‘bonus’ up until midnight on the 31st December you can still get the Early Bird price of £47

Click on the link and reserve your seat now

 Places are strictly limited

So do not put it off   

Make 2012 the year you do make a difference in your Life

Come and Be Fabulous

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Make this the Best week …

Do you have goals?  And what steps are you taking to fulfil them?

Do you spend so much time ‘dreaming’ that you never actually take action?  Read the rest of this entry »

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I had to share this with you

I had a meeting this morning with a guy who was very passionate about what he does;

He told me all he wants is to help people – move from where they are to where they want to be .

As you can imagine we were totally in sync!

He’s very into NLP – although he doesn’t call it that – he just ‘does’ and ‘says’ ; in other words ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’.

I like that Read the rest of this entry »

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