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ME TIME – it’s all about You

3D book (5)   are you sure there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing?

but you have no idea how to find it………

this book is for you Read the rest of this entry »

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Dream Big and Get A Bigger Pan –

frying panHow often you have dreams and then because of fears or negative thoughts or just ‘life getting in the way’ you end up not achieving, you get disheartened, you give up
thoughts turn into emotions
emotions turn into action or non action
and that turns into your reality
it doesn’t have to be like that
with the right ‘tools’ you can achieve
but you also need the right mind-set
change your thoughts
which changes your emotions
which changes your action
and changes your reality
Sound simple?
but we know the road to hell is paved with good intentions
changing your thoughts takes work I’m sorry to say
it doesn’t happen overnight
and sometimes you don’t always feel like it , right?
but what if there was a way?
what if there was someone who’d been there
and done it and was willing to show you the way?
You can’t do it on your own
but you certainly can with your own Satnav to show you the right way
it’s a lot less hassle than getting lost believe me
connect with me on
or fill in the form at the side
or email me at
song by Karen Taylor-Good and Lisa Aschmann
VERSE I was standing by this fisherman, out there on the bridge. He bagged small one after small one, put ‘em in his little fridge. Then he caught himself a whopper and I watched him throw it back. I couldn’t help but ask him, “Hey man, why’d you do that?” He pulled out his little skillet and said, “See, it wouldn’t fit.” I was none of my business but I couldn’t help but wish

CHORUS He’d get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan. When you’ve got big dreams, for heaven’s sake Don’t throw those dreams back in the lake. It’s not that you can’t have it all. You’ve just been dreaming way too small! Get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan.

VERSE I’ve been thinking like that fisherman more times than I can count. Every time I felt unworthy I ran myself down. I’d get afraid and wouldn’t play what I had there on the line. Thinking that the big fish wouldn’t possibly be mine. But there’s another fish to fry and there’s another day. Next time I hook the big one I won’t let him get away.

CHORUS I’ll get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan. ‘Cause I’ve got big dreams, for heaven’s sake Won’t throw those dreams back in the lake. It’s not that I can’t have it all. I’ve just been dreaming way too small! Get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan. Uh-huh!

BRIDGE Okay, okay, I’ve got it figured out For self-esteem as well as dreams and trout.

CHORUS Get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan. When you’ve got big dreams, for heaven’s sake Don’t throw those dreams back in the lake. It’s not that you can’t have it all. You’ve just been dreaming way too small! So get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan. Get a bigger pan, get a bigger pan.

Get the biggest, get the biggest. Get a bigger pan.

Copyright © 2004 K T Good Music (SESAC) / Nashville Geographic (ASCAP)

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What is this Thing Called Me Time?

life is short_


International Me Time Day last Friday was wonderful   it was a great success

We had fun we had champagne, chocolates, strawberries, a delicious lunch, spa treatments. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy New Year Happy New You

Frangipani Flowers

So here you are at the beginning of another year. Are you excited for what the next 12 months will bring or are you dreading getting back into the old routine? Did you make your usual ‘resolutions’, go the gym more often, give up smoking, eat healthily, lose weight, earn more money? Read the rest of this entry »

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Today is Choose-Day – make the most of it

Choice is a Wonderful Thing

choice 1


I have been in situations in my life where instead of being grateful I was dissatisfied and so bit by bit life did indeed get worse   I played the victim for so many years believing the stories I told myself poor me poor me

Turn that around and I found out that life does not have to be like that

Thoughts turn into emotions and we become what we think about

By changing my thoughts and therefore my emotions I have changed my life

Being grateful every single day for all the awesome stuff in my life

The people, the love, joy, abundance, fun,  laughter

Writing my goals, my two year plan, then my ten year plan

Writing it down like it’s a dream, or a play

Seeing it in all its technicolor glory

Believing in it

And taking positive action steps every single day I see my life getting better.  I see opportunities coming to me every single day

It’s amazing

And when you first start to do  it, of course it feels ‘fake’ telling yourself every day that you feel healthy when you can hardly walk without pain, when your work life is boring but getting another job is far too much stress you’ll stay where you are,

when you’re not earning enough money so you’re getting into credit card debt

But here’s the amazing thing you keep doing these processes, every day tapping affirming and a week or so in you get an email from someone or a call, or you bump into someone and they tell you about an opportunity and you find out about that opportunity and you keep doing your daily tapping and your mantras and whatever you’ve been doing all the while going about your usual daily stuff and maybe a month down the line you find that your life really has improved on some levels so you get excited and do your affirmations and tapping and daily processes with greater zeal and then more good stuff happens and you really do believe now in the magic of the law of attraction and so you’re life gets better and  better

And at this point it is so easy to say life is good, money is flowing, life is grand, people love me, I am healthy, I can ease up


You can’t

Do not Ease UP

Because what’ll happen; one morning you won’t do your mantra, or your gratitude journal, and you’re too tired to do anything when you get to bed that night

And gradually one day turns into 2 turns into a week or two or three

And then BAM

All the good stuff dries up and you’re back to misery again

Because you have to realize that as soon as you stop doing these life enhancing affirmating processes every single day your old thoughts will start coming in and old emotions will start to leak into your brain and

Back you’ll slide.

It’s like you wouldn’t stop cleaning your teeth twice a day or showering would you?  Would you?

No of course you wouldn’t

So you Have to, You Simply Must

Carry on

Choosing to have an awesome life begins with one thought

And today is the day to start

Have a great one

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Me Time – the inside job

sunshine3What does that mean?

Well it’s all about loving yourself

Having the most amazing joy for life that radiates out from you so that everyone that comes into contact with you sees it, feels it, is drawn to you which means your life is radiant in so many ways.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Me Time – The Inside Job


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Would you like to be Happy?


Happy in everything, great health, great relationships, financial abundance

So if I told you there’s a way for you to find out how you can move forward in your life of course you would want to hear about it, wouldn’t you?

And If this way of changing your life was simple and easy and risk free you’d be willing to try it?

Of course you would   

If those practices brought you abundance in every area of your life not just financial abundance but good health and relationships would that be an extra benefit for you

And all you have to do is contact me for your free 30 minute consultation,

Easy huh??

So what are you waiting for ?

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Me Time

Adrienne Me Time 3D Book Cover   the Woman;s Ultimate Guide to Fulfilling your Potential


with extra bonuses    get your copy here





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Me Time. The Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Fulfillng Your Potential

This book is for every woman who believes there’s more to life and Adrienne explains how to do it in a fun and easy way. Reading this book will not only change your life but it will impact those around you as well. Adrienne really does deliver the goods and so much more!

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Author & Speaker

Ottawa, ON, Canada



Communication and Skills are the Two Keys to Success in Life and Business.

I believe it’s the key to Happy, Healthy relationships with People: ADRIENNE MARKS Is one of the Clearest Communicators and Life Skills Teachers I have ever come across and these truths CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I Believe in and appreciate the principles found in this book.

I’ve known ADRIENNE for close to Five Years and Her Teaching is Simple and Effective and YOU are Sure to profit immensely from it.

YOU are in for a REAL TREAT!

J.C. Anyiam, Entrepreneur London, UK 


Adrienne Me Time 3D Book Cover

Adrienne really knows her stuff if you want to change your thinking about what you deserve this is the book for you

Vassia Sarri, Life Coach and Author of the books “Joyful Wealthy Mother” & “Divine Wants you to Live in Prosperity”. She lives in Greece and Works Globally through the Internet.

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